Citra Emulator comes to Android and lets you run Nintendo 3DS games


Playing title ROMs targeting 3DS, Nintendo’s portable console, on Android devices is now possible with a new app option launched on Google Play. We are talking about the Citra Emulator, which was released in a free trial version.

It is one of the most popular options of its kind for PCs, and its delay in reaching the mobile platform was due to the team’s dedication to several projects simultaneously. Due to the character of early access, finding flaws and bugs can be part of the experience – adjustments will be developed based on user feedback.

Among the resources available, using the front camera as if it were the console, the system keyboard to enter texts and the accelerometer to perform commands in games are some of the highlights.

Recommendations and prerequisites
According to the description in the store, the emulator is compatible with hundreds of games, offers improved graphics and accepts external gamepads. However, no title is offered with the novelty, as well as any items protected by copyright laws.

The company points out that it has no connection with Nintendo and suggests using games purchased through official means to take advantage of the launch. In addition, Citra developers have launched additional features for the premium version, asking for it to be purchased for R $ 23.99 to financially assist those who have dedicated hundreds of hours of free time to launch the app.

Finally, it only runs on Android 8.0 or higher and 64-bit devices that support at least OpenGL ES 3.2.

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