Citibank’s Bitcoin chart fell on Twitter: 2016 highlight


The graphic in a note sent to Citibank customers reveals that Bitcoin can extend to $ 120,000 if it exceeds $ 20,000.

Citibank, the banking arm of the financial service company Citi Group, has been associated with a chart that Bitcoin can reach up to $ 120,000.

While the graphic shared by Altana Digital Currency’s CIO, Alistair Milne’s Twitter account, came from the bank’s FX Wire mailing list, it is shown here that by 2021, BTC can experience a great bull run stretching to $ 120,000.

120 thousand dollars in 18 months

The graph refers to the huge leap of Bitcoin between 2011 and 2016, and it is predicted that it can reach $ 120,000 in 18 months if the previous record of $ 20,000 is exceeded.

As it will be remembered, BTC first exceeded 9100 and 9500 resistance levels, and then exceeded 10 thousand dollars, which is seen as psychological resistance, and reached 11 thousand 400 dollars.

Citibank integrated Ethereum-based blockchains into the trading platform in March. This is proof that the company has started to show interest in blockchain technology and technologies that support cryptocurrencies. In addition, Kris van Broekhoven, the global financial commodity trading manager of the bank, said he has begun to take advantage of and benefit from the benefits of Blockchain technology to improve the bank’s financial services.

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