CI&T: Opened more than 200 vacancies in technology


CI&T, a Brazilian multinational digital specialist for major global brands, is offering more than 200 vacancies for professionals working in the technology area. Open jobs are intended for 100% remote operations, and also at their headquarters in the cities of Campinas (SP), São Paulo (SP) and Belo Horizonte (MG)

In addition to the vacancies offered now, another 130 positions are expected to open by the end of this year. The main opportunities are aimed at developers in several programming languages ​​and technologies such as Java, Android, iOS and .Net; software architecture professionals; data analysis and engineering; product designer; among others related to technology.

Who is CI&T?

Reaching the mark of more than 3,000 people on its team, CI&T goes through a process of accelerated growth and seeks to attract talents that can help build the company.

“We understand that people, through all their potential in promoting a space of diversity, creativity, dreams and aspirations, are connected around the same purpose, the same culture”, says Carla Borges, Head of People at CI&T.

CI&T currently operates in digital transformation in Brazil and in several countries, such as China, Japan, United States, Australia, Canada, England and Portugal, providing services to major global brands, such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, among others .


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