Circular Design Render Images from Apple Watch Series 6


A new design has emerged about Apple Watch, one of the best selling smartwatches. According to a published video, the Apple Watch Series 6 model may have a circular shape, but no validation has been received from Apple regarding the design.

Apple Watch comes up with new features every year. The company, which has gained great popularity with the Apple Watch Series 5 model, is preparing to launch the Apple Watch Series 6 this year.

Some images about the design of the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch are also beginning to come. In the video shared by a YouTube channel called Phone Industry, Apple Watch Series 6 appears to have a circular shape. Apple Watch Series 5 had a square design.

Circular design for Apple Watch Series 6:
The video in question also contains details about the user interface and lanyard of the new smartwatch. Images contain information that Apple can use a microLED screen. The Digital Crown button, which also includes touch and light sensors, can be presented more compactly.

As it is known, the Digital Crown in the existing Apple Watch, namely the side buttons, have a mechanical structure, but Digital Crown, which Apple wants to integrate into the next generation smart watches, will not move. The button, which will use a sensor to detect the movement of the user, will have a much more intuitive structure.

Different color options are available on Apple Watch Series 6:

Hermes version of the video; Various colors are available, including gold, black, blue, white and red. There are no buttons in the design to remove the cords. Still, Apple may find a way to do this job with a circular Apple Watch case. On the other hand, a battery life of 48 hours is expected to come with Apple Watch Series 6.

Of course, there is no certainty that Apple will use the design included in the YouTube video on the Apple Watch Series 6 model or future models. We will continue to convey the developments regarding Apple Watch Series 6 to you.


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