The Circle Game: Netflix reality TV will be a mix of Black Mirror and Catfish!


Netflix has released the trailer for a new reality show that will soon appear in France. This is The Circle Game.

While the French are currently going through a difficult period linked to containment, Netflix has therefore announced very good news!

Eh yes ! Imagine that for the first time, the platform will then broadcast its own French reality TV show. A great first! It is then called The Circle Game.

And for more fun, the program will then be online on April 9. Pile-coat during confinement. What drown the boredom of streaming fans!

And for good reason ! The Netflix series is therefore the perfect copy of a British confinement program broadcast on Channel 4. But this time, the participants will be all French … And of all ages!

It will therefore be possible to discover totally different profiles. Young people of 20, like people aged seventy!

In order to spice up the curiosity of Internet users, Netflix therefore released the first trailer for The Circle Game. We love ! It’s a perfect mix between the Black Mirror and Catfish series.

The voiceover then explains the principle of The Circle Game: “It is a game on a social network, in which players compete to become the most popular. And earn 100.00 euros. ”

“They will live in the same building. But in different apartments. They will then be able to communicate through a social network, ‘The Circle’.

And that’s not all ! “The goal is to become the most popular within the circle. The least popular players will be blocked. And moved. It’s a game in which you don’t really know who you’re playing against. ”

One thing is certain! This reality TV therefore seems very different from current programs. Which are then available on the small screen. Internet users are therefore eager to discover this new product!


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