The Circle: all the details of Netflix reality TV revealed!


The Circle, Netflix’s reality show has the potential to revolutionize reality TV a bit. Discover the secrets of filming the show!

Netflix surprised everyone with its reality TV: The Circle. In any case, the series has had some success with its US and UK versions. At first glance, it looks like a conventional reality show. However, its success lies in its original concept.

After Les Anges and Les Marseillais, it might be time to get into a whole new kind of reality TV. Bet met with The Circle, produced by Netflix. Here, no villa, loft or castle where all the candidates would reside. In The Circle, the participants do not meet and everything is done via an app!

Everyone is therefore confined to their own apartment. So they can only communicate with The Circle app. The objective? Becoming a popular influencer, much like on Instagram, shall we say. Here is some info to know about this innovative reality TV program.

First thing that strikes us before The Circle, the resemblance between the buildings of the US and UK versions. In fact, the team used the same building for both versions, located in Salfort, near Manchester. “Finding the building is so difficult. Because what we need is a completely empty place. We don’t want to share it with the residents who live there, ”the designer told Vulture. To set the scene, the US team therefore shot outdoor scenes in Chicago. On the other hand, the candidates are not entirely alone in their apartment.

Thus, each player shares the places with his producer and his cameraman. “We didn’t want them to be too alone.” The creator also revealed that unlike other shows in the genre, “contestants [are] allowed to bring books and magazines.” They also have the right to binge-watcher Netflix. On the other hand, they are made to lose all notion of time. “It’s part of the mental game, so you lose your bearings,” said Joey, a candidate, for Hollywood Reporter. Regarding races and that sort of thing, candidates weren’t allowed to go out either. So it was the prod who took care of filling the fridge.


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