Cinemas in China to relaunch Avengers, Interstellar and Avatar


China is working to reopen the country’s movie theaters, which needed to be closed while the country dealt with the start of the new coronavirus pandemic. Now, as the situation stabilizes, the idea is to relaunch films that were very successful with the Chinese, so that people return to the cinemas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the four Avengers, Avatar, Interstellar and The Origin have already been confirmed, but it is possible that other major blockbusters will return to theaters across the country. There is still no date for the screenings to begin, but it is expected that in the coming weeks the audience will be able to review the films.

To help local theaters, state-owned distributor China Film Group said it would allow theaters to re-launch national films, and could keep 100% of the proceeds from the screenings. With Hollywood films, the situation had to be a little different. The studios will receive their usual 25% share of ticket sales, but first they had to be convinced that it would be a viable business. Now that this first part has been achieved, China hopes that the public will begin to return to the cinema.

Disputing the top
The decision to relaunch the films may have a beneficial effect for large blockbusters. In 2012, Titanic was relaunched in China and earned $ 145 million. In 2018, Spirited Away won $ 69 million with a relaunch in the country.

As a result, it is possible that Avatar will resume its position as the highest grossing in the history of cinema. In 2019, a brief relaunch of Avengers: Endgame allowed the film to raise $ 2,798 billion worldwide, surpassing the $ 2,744 billion of James Cameron’s feature. If the return of Avatar manages to be more positive than the Marvel feature, he can regain the first position.

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