Cinderella: Film With Camila Cabello Flees From Stereotypes


Cinderella: This Friday (3), Amazon Prime Video released the feature Cinderella, which presents viewers with a remake full of charm and magic of the classic story of a princess destined to serve her evil stepmother. This time, the character is played by actress and singer Camila Cabello.

In addition to this detail, the cast is also composed of diverse personalities who try to escape the conventional stereotypes of the original narrative to offer something completely unique to the audience.

Cinderella: Is Amazon Prime Video Movie Good?

First of all, you must keep in mind that versions of classic stories will always exist, especially when they are very popular and are in the public domain. Cinderella’s original short story, for example, was developed by French writer Charles Perrault. With the advent of cinema and the wiles of Walt Disney, the princess became incredibly popular in the 1950s.

When watching the 2021 feature, it’s noticeable that the filmmakers tried their best, in every way, to deliver something interesting to their audience. Thus, there are three points that deserve to be highlighted in the production: the soundtrack, the production design and the performance of some members of the central cast.

Early on, Kay Cannon’s direction shows what will be the main thread of the film: the musical numbers. The narrative advances through these playful moments, something that further justifies Cabello’s choice to play the title character. It’s clear that the artist wants to get involved in this work and also tries her best to perform at the height. Despite this, in terms of performance, she is the one who stands out the least.


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