CIA UFO documents available on website


A series of official CIA documents containing information on unproven UFO cases have been made available through the Black Vault website. There is a variety of information on the topic, distributed in PDF files, containing records of aerial phenomena since the 1980s.

The platform points out that at the end of the following decade, many events were publicized, so part of the documents is made up of records already shared publicly. Then a compilation of this and other materials was transformed into a CD-ROM collection by the intelligence agency.

John Greenewald Jr., founder of the site, says he sued the agency to obtain all the records in full, based on the federal freedom of information law, which requires full or partial disclosure of US-controlled data upon request. “Researchers and curious minds prefer simplicity and accessibility when looking at databases like this, something made difficult by the CIA,” he told Motherboard.

“I struggled for 20 years to obtain additional UFO records from the CIA. I tried this several times and now I finally got it. I received a large box, with a few thousand pages, and I had to scan them individually ”, he said. This includes bizarre stories, such as mysterious explosions and alleged contact with extraterrestrials.

According to Greenewald Jr., there were thousands of downloads in the first 24 hours after posting, the set of which contains clear files and others almost indecipherable. He still argues that people have the right to believe or not in aliens, however, advises reading on the subject. “Pure and simple, the public has a right to know! Easy access to important materials for people to decide what’s going on, ”he added.


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