Church sues Netflix for Christmas and wants $ 1 million


Netflix’s latest Christmas special, in partnership with Porta dos Fundos, still has something to talk about. The Planeta do Senhor Temple Church is one of those that got angry with the content and even took the case to Justice, when asking for R $ 1 million to the streaming platform. But it seems that she did not do well in the outcome of the case.

The process was opened by the church’s president, Anselmo Ferreira de Melo da Costa, who claims that the Christian faith in the feature “The First Temptation of Christ” was disrespected. However, Netflix and the producer were not even notified of the lawsuit.

The Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice did not grant the temple the right of free justice, which required it to pay for the costs of the lawsuit – such as overheads and lawyers’ fees.

As it had asked for a high start price – and it still opened two lawsuits, one in Rio de Janeiro and one in São Paulo -, the church will be forced to pay at least 82 thousand reais. That could even increase if Netflix and Porta dos Fundo won in court.

According to Veja magazine, the situation was also very difficult to overcome. Mainly because of inconsistencies in the lawyer of the religious institution, who erred in the title of Netflix – put “Se Beber, Não Ceie”, which is the special of the previous year -, and because it is not so simple to assess the damage suggested in a concrete way.

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The Temple Temple of the Lord Church then decided to give up the process and keep as little damage as possible.

It is worth remembering that the controversial content was removed from the air as determined by the Justice of Rio de Janeiro, but the STF suspended the decision and maintained the feature in the streaming service.


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