Chungha reveals the date of her new comeback


The singer shared the date and some details of this album with her fans. Chungha announces that she returns with a new project …

The singer , who received a lot of attention for her passage in the survival program, ‘PRODUCE 101’ in its first female edition, and later with the group ‘IOI’, where she gained more fans for her charisma and talent, has communicated who will soon return to the stage.

The idol has established herself as one of the most important solitas, not only of her generation, also within K-Pop , with songs like ‘Gotta Go’, ‘Snapping’, ‘Why Don’t You Know’ and ‘Roller Coaster ‘, has taken over the music charts.

To continue enjoying its stage presence , fans will not have to wait long, as Chungha has a surprise preview .

Chungha revealed through her Instagram account that she is planning to release a new single , which would be part of her new album , this song will be released on April 27 at 6 in the afternoon , although no further details have been provided, in the promotional poster you can see a hand, some necklaces hanging on it and a small moon in the background.

The last musical returns of the idol have been a bit obscure, with a more mature and elegant concept , perhaps this premiere will follow the same line, giving everything on stage with great choreography and quality to those accustomed to spectators.

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