Chungha Releases Beautiful Teaser Again For Special Single ‘Killing Me’


Original Article: Chungha will return to greet fans by releasing a special single entitled ‘Killing Me’. Based on the previously revealed schedule, the single ‘Killing Me’ will be officially released on November 29, 2021.

Now that he has revealed the schedule, Chungha has begun to tease fans by releasing several teaser photos.

In this teaser photo we will be able to see the concept for Chungha’s special single, which is much different from the concept of the previous songs.

This will be Chungha’s first release, having last released her first solo album ‘Querencia’ in February.

After releasing the album, Chungha had collaborated with Rain on the song Why Don’t We’ in March, then with Colde on the song ‘My Lips Like Warm Coffee’ in June, sang the OST of the drama ‘One The Woman’, and collaborated with LACHICA’s dance crew on the song ‘Bad Girl’ for the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ program.


Chungha has released a beautiful teaser for her special single, titled ‘Killing Me’.