Chungha breaks stereotypes with Stay Tonight, her new song


The premiere of this video surprised everyone with its choreography, but also the looks that this comeback presents.

The MNH Entertainment artist has returned with a new musical proposal through ‘Stay Tonight’, a new promotional single that, in addition to an addictive melody, has shown a music video that is distinguished by breaking gender and beauty stereotypes.

Since participating in survival programs, Chungha has been distinguished by her great talent for dancing, which accompanies her powerful voice in each of her performances. For this reason, this idol has turned her choreography into a very important resource for every comeback .

She has a team of female and male dancers, who tend to take different turns to accompany her within the same performance. Which also highlighted their skills in the new video .

Stay Tonight presents an elegant atmosphere but full of brightness and strength, although the predominant colors are black and white, also the reddish and purple tones manage to stand out and, together with the sparkles, give a night and dominating sensation. But an innovative quality in this production was that the men’s dance team showed a totally different look than what we had seen before in performances of Chungha.

The guys who accompany her wear heels and makeup loaded in dark colors, while combining it with the bright clothes they wear. The choreography also shows a progress in the skills of the artist, who has not stopped beating herself with every comeback.

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