Chun-Li boot to break into neat cosplay!


Fighter Chun-Li has always been one of the most famous and beloved characters in video games, but this immortal Street Fighter II icon received a new dose of fame when he landed in the Fortnite universe alongside Ryu! This was a great hook for cosplayer Usagi to show off his incredible version of the character

Born in Las Vegas, United States, this 21-year-old artist already shows a lot of talent in the elaboration of her fantasies! In addition, she is also a great streamer and you can honor her Twitch channel here.

If you want to see even more photos of Usagi, just access her profiles on Instagram and Twitter, remembering that part of the material involves sensual photos and is more recommended for adults.

What did you think of this Chun-Li cosplay and the crossover between Fortnite and Street Fighter? Comment below!


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