Chucky: Killer Toy TV series gets trailer


An iconic figure in the horror films, Chucky will win a TV series soon. The first trailer for the program starring the killer doll was released this week. In the brief preview, it is possible to see a few details of the character’s look.

With the first season’s recordings completed before the COVID-19 pandemic, the attraction is set to debut in early 2021. In the United States, the series will air on SYFY and the USA Network.

Creator and original cast involved

To the delight of fans of the killer doll, creator Don Mancini will be one of the producers of the TV series alongside David Kirschner. Both were responsible for all productions of the cinema franchise, with the exception of the remake released in 2019.

Another attraction for Chucky will be the presence of the original cast. Thus, actor Brad Dourif will again lend his voice to the main character. While actress Jennifer Tilly, the voice of the protagonist’s bride, is expected to make minor appearances.

“I believe that fans will love to see the new characters that we will present and how they were inspired by the classic figures”, revealed Mancini to the North American website SYFY WIRE. “In addition to Chucky, other dolls have a good chance of appearing.”

Sequence in series format

According to information revealed by Mancini, the TV series will be a sequel to the films in the franchise. Thus, the episodes should answer some questions that were left open after The Son of Chucky (2004) and The Cult of Chucky (2017).

“The series’ mission is to preserve the scary essence of the original film and its sequences,” said the creator in an interview. “At the same time, we will continue to tell the consistent story that we have presented over the past 30 or so years.”


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