Chucky: Killer Toy series gets teaser on Syfy


Through its official social networks, the broadcaster Syfy released an unpublished teaser regarding the new series of Chucky, also known as Killer Toy. The production comes directly from its original creator, Don Mancini, and promises to scare all viewers who want to check out their episodes.

The cast features the return of Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly, who will lend their voices, respectively, to the title character and Tiffany, Chucky’s fiancee. The series will also feature Fiona Dourif, Devon Sawa, Zackary Arthur, Barbara Alyn Woods, Lexa Doig, Teo Briones, Bjorgvin Arnarson and Alyvia Alyn Lind.

Check out the full teaser:

Chucky: more details of the new series about the killer toy

In a recent interview with Syfy Wire, Don Mancini, who will also act as showrunner for the series, said the killer doll will appear in a way never seen before.

“Our mission is to preserve the tense atmosphere of the original film. But, at the same time, continue to expand the plot that we have built over the seven films that we have released over the past 30 years, ”he revealed.

“I think people will find it interesting that Chucky is going to implement his skills. It is important to give Chucky new weapons, strategies, objectives and targets. The character will have a different objective in the series – something never seen before ”, he added.

The premise of the first season of the new series is quite simple. After a Chucky doll was seen at a used car sale in a suburban neighborhood in a quiet town in the United States, some mysterious murders start to occur in a surprising way in the region.

With the intensification of investigations, the inhabitants are confronted and have their biggest secrets revealed. In this way, their respective hypocrisies are exposed in a frightening way. It is in this context that Chucky appears again, showing everything about the origins and a demonic past.

Let’s wait for more news!


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