Chromium Update Prevents Default Search Engine Switching


Chromium: The latest version of Chromium no longer allows users to completely remove the default search engine. So, even if the user changes the search engine to one he prefers, the browser ends up forcing the use of the option that came preconfigured.

Popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave are based on Chromium, the open source project behind Google Chrome. Although each company adapts the code to its specific needs, the essence of these browsers, and this goes for most configurations, is the same.

Prevent accidental changes

Version 97 of Chromium has brought a modification that takes away from the user the power to completely remove the default search engine pre-configured in their browser. The intention behind the novelty is to prevent users with little knowledge from completely disabling the direct search function in the navigation bar.

Although the justification for the change is perfectly understandable, some users are reporting that even if they configure another search engine, the browser returns the configuration to the default.