Chromium Based Browser Kiwi Completely Open Source


The developer of Kiwi, one of the Chromium-based browsers, made the browser open source. The developer wants other developers to utilize the source code and help develop the browser.

Kiwi managed to make its name by getting among the few browsers that support Android extensions. In addition, this browser has made changes to other parts of Chromium by offering special support for dark mode and using the bottom bar interface similar to Google’s first work in this design. Kiwi’s developer decided to make Kiwi open source to share their success with developers interested in the Chromium-based browser.

The browser’s source codes are already on Github and use the same 3-item BSD license as Chromium. You can create your own path by reaching the source, but the developer’s goal of turning the browser into an open source is to help them develop other people as well. The most exciting code in the source is the special code that allows you to create a plugin on Android.

Kiwi allows the ‘Toolbox’ plugin to be installed on your device:
Other browsers can also examine this open source and easily support plug-ins on their Chromium-based projects. The developer had made a sentence on this topic, “I worked with other browsers in the past weeks to combine Kiwi functions.” Although nothing is known yet, we can see applications such as Microsoft Edge, Brave or Vivaldi in the near future with Android plug-in support.

It is worth noting that Kiwi is not the first browser to bring Chromium plugin support to Android. For example, Yandex has supported these plugins for a long time. Although there are still restrictions on the new version of Kiwi, you can use Firefox add-ons on your device. However, the open source Chromium framework found to enable plug-ins on the device makes Kiwi an innovative browser. It is thought that many third party scanners will benefit from this source in the future.


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