Chromecast With Google TV Offers 6 Months Of Free Netflix


Chromecast owners with the Google TV and Netflix bundle got a Christmas present from the search giant, apparently. As 9to5Google reported this Sunday (5), they are receiving a promotional code that gives them access to a six-month free streaming subscription.

Chromecast with Google TV costs US$49.99 in the United States, equivalent to R$283 per day’s quote, but you can add a biannual streaming subscription to your purchase for an additional US$40. In this promotion, the user gets an interesting discount on the platform’s Standard plan, which typically costs $83.94 for six months.

By taking advantage of the offer, some Google dongle owners got another six months of free Netflix, according to reports on Twitter. One is from social network user Artem Russakovskii (see below), who claims to have received notification about the benefit via email.

According to Russakovskii, the promotional code can be found in the “Activity” tab within the Google Home app. If the offer is available, the user will see a card with the title “Activate your six months of Netflix”, which can be enabled on the “Redeem now” button — the process is completed on the streaming website.