Chromecast support for desktop from Spotify!


Spotify, the popular music and podcast listening platform, has started offering Chromecast support for its desktop version. With the arrival of Chromecast support, the feature of controlling connected devices on the mobile side also comes for Mac and Windows computers.

Spotify desktop Chromecast support wins

Addressing millions of people as a mobile application, you can control music on devices connected to Spotify, Chromecast. In the desktop version, you will be able to sign in to Chromecast via Spotify and turn the music you want on and off without the need for a mobile app, and take control.

As it is known, both Android and iOS users were able to control music on different devices on the mobile side thanks to Spotify Connect. Thanks to the Chromecast support provided, this freedom also comes to the desktop application. The feature offered to users with the 1.1.38 version of Spotify’s desktop application shows “available devices”. To use this feature of the application, you just need to update.

If you remember, it was an important step for podcast broadcasts that sat on the leadership seat on the Spotify side. With this step, video podcasts were officially announced. For the moment, this feature is not active for all podcast broadcasts, but it seems that we may encounter it frequently in the coming days.

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