Chromecast: Learn how to turn your TV into Smart


Want to enjoy the benefits of a Smart TV, but have no way to invest in a new device? Chromecast can be the solution to watch content from YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services without spending a lot.

If you still don’t know this “magic” device, check out this brief guide on its features and the advantages of purchasing it. Come on?

What is Chromecast?
Developed by Google, Chromecast is a streaming device. With it, you can turn old models of TVs with HDMI input into a Smart TV. Simple, it can be controlled by mobile devices and computers.

In this way, the user can access different audio and video content. For example, watching movies and series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or another streaming service. Just like watching videos on YouTube or listening to music on Spotify.

To work, the gadget and devices must be connected to the same wireless internet network. Even on slower connections, the device performs quite well when streaming content.

What are the other features?
In addition to the main features, Chromecast also offers other usage options. For example, it is possible to mirror the screen of the smartphone or tablet with the device. So, it can be used during a presentation with Google Slides.

Still with this function, mobile game fans can experience games on a larger screen. Currently, there are several family games created especially to be played on TV via mobile, such as Monopoly and Angry Birds Go.

For those who have video files saved on their computer, it is possible to watch them on TV with the Videostream for Chromecast app. In a simple way, it mirrors the contents of the PC to the TV screen.

Is the Chromecast good and worth it?
Considering the cost and benefit, Chromecast is an excellent investment. Its value is much lower than that of a modern Smart TV or other devices that can offer connections to streaming services like current video games.

In addition, the latest generations of the device offer connections for transmission in Full HD quality. Therefore, it can be very useful for a user who has a monitor with HDMI input that allows this image and sound quality.

Compatible with most current streaming services, the device also helps to survive the older models of Smart TVs. Many of them no longer receive system updates and have become incompatible with certain applications.

Where to buy a Chromecast?
Currently, Chromecast can be easily found in retail stores. The third generation model with Full HD connection has an average value of R $ 285. In other words, a very affordable value for those who do not intend to invest in a Smart TV at the moment.


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