Chrome will have a new feature to speed up web surfing


Google plans to implement a new feature in Chrome that will make surfing the internet faster: the Back Forward Cache. The launch will be primarily for version 86 of Chrome for Android, which is expected to hit the Play Store around October.

How the return cache works

The functionality is intended to speed up Internet browsing, saving entire pages in cache and allowing the browser to use them when the user returns to visit them. The idea is to preserve the states of JavaScript and DOM (Document Object Model).

This way, when the user advances to a page and returns to the previous one (saved in cache), this switching occurs much more quickly.

Ambitious plan

To implement the return cache, Google is working under the “slow if ever” philosophy. As already mentioned, the feature will first arrive in Chrome for Android, but then it will be incorporated into the desktop.

Pending the transition, the company is increasing compatibility with pages of different types and adding improvements. Then, bfcache (nickname of the resource in English) will arrive on the desktop platform. The next steps include standardizing the feature, to improve interoperability between browsers like Safari and Firefox.

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