Chrome will gain new ability for screenshot!


With the introduction of smartphones into our lives, the ‘screen display’ feature of the devices is frequently used by many people. We cannot say that we have seen many innovations that have had a great impact in this area so far. However, Google is preparing to take a remarkable step for this feature. Chrome for Android can get ‘scrolling screenshot’ support.

Working for Chrome new screenshot feature on Android

With this development for screenshot by Google; It is aimed to provide opportunities such as transferring all web pages with a screen image. We can say that the ability to save images that do not fit on the screen by scrolling indicates that the screenshot capability will become more functional.

Google has worked for this feature before, but has yet to create a system that offers a stable experience. Now, Chrome ‘scrolling screenshot’ support is being worked on. If the work for this feature is successful, Android users will be offered this support with Chrome. However, there is currently no version that can test this feature.

The first goal of this feature will be to enable users to take long screenshots. However, apart from that, what talents will come with and other details are not yet known. It is also known that Google is working to bring this feature to Android 11. Even the image above has been leaked from the work done for Android 11. The company aims to provide this opportunity to all Android users by bringing the same feature to Chrome.


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