Chrome Will Eradicate The Password Problem


Chrome will notify you of your breached passwords. Google adds a feature to its Chrome password manager that allows you to change your compromised passwords with a few taps of buttons. It could take a while to change passwords that were breached or that you wanted to make stronger. With the innovation offered by Google, it will now be easier to change your passwords.

You will be notified of your breached passwords

You will be notified of your passwords that have been breached in Google Chrome Android application. After you are notified of the violated passwords, you will see the “Change Password” button. When you tap this button, it will automatically redirect you to the password change page to change your password on that site and suggest a more secure password. Once you save your password, it will be stored in Chrome password manager.

Google Chrome states that this feature is partially supported by Duplex technology. Similar features can be found in other password managers such as Dashlane, and it was welcomed by Google to integrate it into its own app. Such improvements enable people to stay more secure in the virtual environment, even if passwords are breached.

Google will gradually introduce this feature to Chrome users on Android in the US. In addition, the update will be more widely available in the coming months. Google also stated that the password manager will support data transfer from other password managers.


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