Chrome takes action to protect user security


Chrome, one of the most used internet browsers, has taken an important step for user security. Aiming for users to use their websites safely, Google works on private information in its browser.

At the end of this study, attention was paid to the forms in which users entered their personal information. It has been seen many times that user information is captured through these forms and security must be maintained.

Chrome works for user security

As a result of the study, it was found that user data was stolen many times over unsafe forms. It was determined that the most confidential information of the users could be leaked and used by hackers due to the forms that did not meet certain security requirements.

With the Chrome 86 version, which will meet with users, a warning note will be added to forms that are risky for user safety. If the user enters data in an unsafe form, the browser will show a warning message.

chrome kullanıcı güvenliği

However, the auto-fill feature will not be available for forms that are stated to be unsafe. If the user wants to use the form although it is not secure, they will have to enter all their information manually.

It is known that security measures for Chrome are taken by Google. After having stolen user information many times, Google took action and focused on security.

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