Chrome Plugin to Watch Reviews While Watching Videos on YouTube


The design that people lacked on YouTube was presented to users with a Chrome extension. The free plug-in is very simple to use.

While most of us watch videos on YouTube, we also look at comments. Maybe we do not close this video without mixing up this area to get some funny comments, maybe on-the-spot reviews, or maybe extra information about the video. But this region, located at the bottom of the video, makes it difficult to browse the comments while watching the video. It doesn’t have a layout that allows us to look at the comments without stopping the video and without rushing it. Maybe there are changes to the design, or maybe someone has already done that.

Here we will talk about a vehicle that comes to our aid exactly as desired. SuperYouTube is a free Chrome extension that changes YouTube’s video page sequence very logically. He takes the video to one side and the articles that interest us.

Brings up the description and recommended section
The comments section isn’t the only thing the plugin carries up so we can review it while we watch the video. Explanation and recommended section is also taking up. So how does he squeeze all this stuff into the right side of the page without moving it under the video? Comments, description and suggested part are taken into a single section in three selectable tabs. So you don’t have to go down to the bottom of the video for anything. In addition, you can scroll up / down to increase or decrease the volume of the video.

SuperYouTube is not available in browsers other than Chrome. After downloading from Chrome, you can turn the feature on and off by clicking the SuperYouTube icon in the add-ons section. In other words, its use is as simple and simple as its design.

The plugin has the potential to make YouTube forget its original layout. The users are also pleased with this new offer. You can download this free app by clicking here.


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