Chrome Plugin that Restricts Websites You Spend in Time: Intention


The Internet has been an addiction for some of us, and people are trying to get rid of this addiction. A plug-in that we will talk about restricts access to the website after this period expires by placing a time limit.

We have increased the use of computers, smartphones and the internet in these days when we have to stay in our homes due to the coronavirus epidemic. Of course, this was an expected thing, but some of us may have exaggerated this situation and started to spend most of their days on the internet nowadays when our mobility has decreased. Now we will talk about an add-on that you can use in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which will give you better control of your time.

The plugin we will talk about is called “Intention”. The plugin works in a way that is completely determined by you. Before you start using this plugin, you need to decide which websites you want to put a certain restriction on and how much to use this website daily. After the time you set, your login to the website is restricted by the plugin.

Intention, which has an extremely simple interface, looks like this
What you need to do to use Intention

First, download the add-on using the link found here and add it to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

After completing the setup process, access the website you want to restrict and tap the

Intention icon added to your browser.

Click the button that says “Add to Distracting Sites”. You will see a drop-down menu.

In the menu that comes up, you can choose the restriction period automatically or manually adjust using the button “Custom”. For example, click the button that says “15m” and represents 15 minutes. This click will only allow 15 minutes of use for YouTube, and after 15 minutes your access to the site will be restricted.

After the time you set, you will see a screen like this;

Intention shows that YouTube is restricted with this drop-down menu. This is how your login to YouTube is blocked for 24 hours. In addition, this restriction is kept statistically and this situation starts to show the data that will become more ambitious after a while.
If the restriction period is insufficient, you can cancel the process and continue accessing the sites.

One of the features of Intention is that the restriction can be canceled. In other words, if you want to continue accessing the relevant website after it has expired, you can cancel the restriction. To do this, you can follow these steps.

Click the Intention’s icon and tap the Settings icon.

You will see a section on the screen that says “Distracting Sites”. This section shows all the websites you have restricted. All you have to do is find the website you want to remove, and click the trash icon next to this website.

Using this functional plugin called Intention, you can restrict access to websites that you have spent most of your time but want to stop. Finally, let us state that you will not pay anything to use this add-on, which you can use via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, that this add-on is free.


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