Chrome OS must win ‘Game Mode’ to be used with Steam


Google is working on a “Game Mode” to be used on Chrome OS, according to information found in system codes. The information was shared by the website Chrome Unboxed and shows that the novelty can improve the performance of the platform when used with Steam, which should be released in the future on Chromebooks.

The codes indicate that the game mode comes into play when the “Borealis” container is full screen. The technology in question has already appeared in several leaks and will bring Steam to the Google operating system, which will allow to run more games natively on the platform.

With that in mind, the game mode will possibly be used to focus computer hardware performance only on Steam, but only when the program is running in full screen. Chrome Unboxed also indicates that the function should bring other tools focused on games, such as the possibility of capturing the gameplay screen.

Google has been working to launch Steam on Chrome OS since last year. Although we still don’t have a date for the launch of the store on Chromebooks, it seems that the adaptation of the gaming platform for the system is evolving.

According to Chrome Unboxed estimates, Google will possibly wait to release the game store after the launch of Chromebooks equipped with Tiger Lake processors. Intel’s new CPUs will hit the market with integrated Intel Xe graphics, which promise to deliver more performance on ultra-thin notebooks.

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