Chrome OS error prevents login to Chromebooks


Chrome OS: This week, some users of the new version of Chrome OS reported problems trying to log in to their Chromebooks. After Google’s review, the update, named “91.0.4472.165”, has been confirmed as the cause of the issue — but has not yet received a practical solution.

Soon after, Google stopped distributing the new version and promised a fix. In the meantime, affected users will remain without access to their Chromebooks.

Google has even proposed a workaround to mitigate the issue, but still suggests users wait for the patched update to be released. If necessary, you can regain system access by fully formatting the Chromebook, followed by installing the previous version of Chrome OS. Naturally, this method will erase all data stored in the device’s memory.

On the other hand, for users who choose to wait for the update, it will only be necessary to leave the device active in the input screen and the installation will be done in the background. Similarly, it is also possible to log in as a guest and force the process manually.


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