Chrome OS 94 Gets Major Update; See News


Chrome OS 94, Google’s simplified operating system, is coming to a new stable release. The software update was released this Thursday (14), showing a small change in the developer’s schedule.

Skipping Chrome OS 95, this will be the last major update before big tech releases Chrome OS 96 on November 30th. Below, learn about the main OS changes:

Humanized voice in select-to-speak

Chrome OS 94‘s select-to-speak function will receive new, more humanized voices. Important accessibility tool, the new means that the AI ​​will sound more realistic when reading content to users.

Better video quality on screenshot

Now the native screen recording feature will be able to capture records with higher resolutions. As usual, the higher the quality of the material, the larger the file size.

Scanning documents with the camera app

The camera app will have a special tool for scanning documents. While many users still prefer the ease of Android phones, the functionality allows you to keep everything filed on the Chromebook.

Noise canceling enabled by default

Launched in Chrome OS 92, the native noise canceling feature during video calls will always be on by default. This way, users won’t have to worry about turning the option on whenever they join a meeting.

Virtual Desktop Settings

Google is conducting a test with the “bento bar” in Chrome OS 94. The new feature, which will not be released to everyone, makes the virtual desktops to appear visible in a new bar at the top of the screen.

To facilitate tab management, the tool includes the option “move to another window”. It will also be possible to name the desktops and determine a window for the contents to be grouped.


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