Chrome OS 86 Stopped Deploying Stable Update


Google withdrew the Chrome OS 86 update it started distributing in early October. While the company does not make any statement regarding the issue, it is thought that this situation is caused by a significant problem.

US-based technology giant Google started distributing the latest version of Chrome OS with 86 codes in early October. In addition to the innovations it brought, the new version provided performance improvements and increased user safety. Interestingly, however, the company seems to have decided to withdraw this stable version update.

According to information from Google Chromebook users, most of the devices had not already received the new version update. While the reason for this delay is unknown, the latest development suggests that a critical problem has been detected in Chrome OS 86. The fact that Google does not make the slightest explanation about the issue makes the event even more mysterious.

On the blog page created by Google for Chrome OS, we see that there is no information about Chrome OS 86. In addition, the team points to the last stable version of the operating system as Chrome OS 85. Although no official statement has been made, it seems that there will be an important problem under this situation.

Google briefly mentioned a vulnerability in Chrome OS 86. In fact, a patch was sent to users who bought the latest version of the operating system. So the problem seems not to be caused by any security vulnerabilities. However, since no explanation has been made by Google, questions such as why the update was withdrawn and whether the redistribution will start remain unanswered.


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