Chrome is testing a new version of Google Reader


A new button for following websites is being tested by Google Chrome in order to recommend stories and assist in the discovery of content, in the best style of the old Google Reader feed reader. The feature was detected by the Chrome Story portal on Saturday (20), in the Chrome Canary version (of tests) and is not yet operational.

Although it is possible to follow the news of a website through newsreaders and some social networks, placing the “Follow” button in the floating menu offers an additional option already integrated into the browser for Android. According to Chrome Story, there appears to be an initial prompt that notifies users of the new option.

Since the button is currently inoperative, it is not possible to say with certainty for what purpose it is intended. However, it is possible to speculate that it is really a kind of feed reader, such as the old Google Reader, disabled in July 2013, which automatically detected the RSS (summary) of the sites.

To be sure, however, only later versions will tell.


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