Chrome is testing a new feature


Chrome is testing a new feature that allows users to more easily manage their web activities. The new feature Memories is currently available in Chrome Canary.

According to Techdows’ report, Memories displays a Chrome user’s web activity in one place. Including things like page, bookmarks, tab groups, and Chrome history, a search bar allows users to easily navigate past web activities.

Chrome is testing the Memories feature

While the Memories feature in Chrome is new, the functionality might look familiar. Google provides access to similar information by going to your Google Account and clicking the Web & App Activity option. The Memories setting simply makes managing your information much easier because it is much easier to find.

Chrome Memories feature is only available on the Canary channel and must be manually enabled. You can do this as follows:

Open Chrome Canary Type chrome: // flags in the Address line Type Memories in the search box Enable the feature

Google’s Chrome team has recently launched version 90, introducing several new features to the browser in the past few weeks. The browser also received a number of new features aimed at increasing user productivity. One of these will allow the browser to consume less resources by allowing Chrome to freeze groups of collapsed tabs (and incognito tabs).

Meanwhile, Chrome is gaining new PDF reader features. With the ability to share specific text on a web page, Chrome’s new “link to highlight” feature allows users to highlight text and share the web page.


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