Chrome For Android Gets Price Alert For Online Shopping


Android: The Christmas gift for Google Chrome for Android browser users arrived early. The app has received an update that brings new built-in features that previously could only be activated with third-party extensions or services.

The main new feature is price monitoring, a function that was already being tested for a few months on the browser’s development platform. In the form of a new tab, the tool displays value drops on items the user was eyeing.

This feature arrives in a few days for Android and, in the coming weeks, it will also come to iOS. At least for now, it’s unique to the United States.

News also on PC

Google Chrome for Windows and Mac is also about to receive a new feature that will help those who shop a lot online.

On computers, the browser will save items that you left in a store’s virtual cart and left without buying — either because you forgot or intended to come back later. Those sites with pending purchases will be separated on a special card in the new tabs window. In some cases, if the stores are Google partners, it is even possible to get last minute discounts.

This novelty will also be launched initially in the United States, with no exact forecast of expansion to other regions.