Chrome for Android gets grouping of tabs and new interface


Google Chrome for Android will have a tab grouping feature, as well as a new navigation interface, according to the 9to5Google website. Both new features were made available to some users after the release of version 88 of the browser, which occurred in the last month.

The update will bring features of the iOS version of the app, such as the new look in grid format, which replaces the old configuration, where the windows were superimposed. With the change, users will have access to more details of the page.

In the bottom bar of the screen, up to 6 tabs will be displayed, which can be closed with just a swipe left or right. Anonymous tabs have also undergone changes: now a small icon at the top of the screen allows you to access them.

Google launches grouping of guides

A few months after announcing the feature in its desktop version, Google will implement tab grouping in the application. As the name already denounces, the novelty allows the user to gather tabs open in groups, facilitating their navigation. The feature is very intuitive: just drag one tab towards the other to create a new group – nothing much different from what we already saw in the PC version.

Another option is to access the list of tabs, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and choose “Group tabs”. And if you want to create a new tab within the same group, just tap on the “+” button. It is also possible to perform the action by clicking and holding on a link and then choosing “Open in new tab in group”.

How to enable the feature

Although the news is not yet available to all users, it is possible to activate it manually. According to The Verge, just browse to chrome: // flags in the address bar and then search and activate “Tab Grid Layout,” “Tab Groups,” “Tab Groups Continuation,” and “Tab Groups UI Improvements” To activate the feature, you need to restart the app twice.


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