Chrome Extension that allows you to securely share your Netflix password


If you share your Netflix account information with your friends, you should not miss this news. A company called DoNotPay has developed a new Chrome extension that lets you share your digital broadcast platform account information in an encrypted form.

Netflix, which brings thousands of different kinds of content from movie to TV series to documentaries to animation, is the most popular streaming service in the world. Many Netflix users prefer to divide the amount of invoices by sharing their accounts with their friends, as on other digital subscription oriented platforms. Netflix has not yet released an ax to this fraternity, but the company is said to be taking a step on this issue soon.

An American venture company called DoNotPay has released a new Chrome extension with the same name that lets you share your account information on Netflix in encrypted form. In order for a subscription to be shared, both the sender and the recipient must install the DoNotPay extension and verify their identity via SMS.

There is no limit on how many people can use the account you share. Offering an easy and secure way to share your accounts with your friends, the Chrome extension also allows you to see who is using your account. You can also block people you no longer want to use your account through the extension in question.

Almost all streaming services, whether it’s music or video, struggle internally against password sharing. For example, last year Spotify had made it compulsory for users in the family plan to live at the same address and announced that it would make intermittent verification. Creativity and Entertainment, an alliance of companies like Netflix, Disney, AT&T and Amazon, announced plans to block password sharing last year. You can access the Google Chrome extension called DoNotPlay from the link here.


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