‘Chrome Dinosaur’ becomes Microsoft Edge surfing game


Microsoft has launched a new stable version of the Edge browser that has as its main novelty a “secret game” for the user to be entertained when the internet goes down. Called Surf, the game was already in testing for Insiders and appears on the browser ‘s offline page, but can also be accessed with a command at any time. This game is basically Microsoft’s version of the “Chrome Dinosaur”.

If you don’t want to disconnect your internet connection to access the news, just enter Microsoft Edge (the new version based on Chromium), and type edge: // surf in the address bar. The command works in any edition of the program starting with version 83.0.478.37.

Then, the user will be directed to the game page. The home screen allows the player to choose between a group of surfers and explore a sea route. The goal is to go as far as possible, avoiding obstacles, creatures and other surfers.

Like the Google Chrome dinosaur game, the Microsoft game has simple commands and can be played using only the arrow keys and the space bar. On the other hand, the production of the owner of Windows gains points in the visual, since it brings colorful pixel art graphics and scenarios full of life.

In addition to ensuring entertainment for browser users, the launch is also a tribute to a classic game from Windwos. Almost 30 years ago, the company launched SkiFree, which put the player in the shoes of a skier to descend mountains. The new surfing game follows the same basis as the old Microsoft project, but with an updated look for modern computers.

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