Chrome autofill feature becomes safer


The latest update for the Google Chrome web browser makes it much faster to take advantage of the autofill feature. With the update, users will be able to take advantage of biometric verification solutions when entering card information or filling out a form for their payments.

For example, when it is necessary to enter credit card information, this can be done using the phone’s fingerprint scanner. Thanks to this feature, which will be valid for registered cards, users will not have to enter the security (CVC) code of each transaction. Or, when logging into a website, it will be sufficient to place the registered account information in the fields related to one touch.

It can be said that these innovations both facilitate the work of the users and increase the security. Thanks to biometric security, it becomes difficult for those who access the device to make purchases online. Although it is mandatory to enter the CVC code during the registration of the credit card, it will be enough to verify with fingerprint in the next transactions.

It can be said that using Chrome for password registration also has security benefits. In this way, Google points out that users can set more complex passwords for each platform and can reliably store them by relying on Chrome. The company did not forget to remind that Chrome also protects against phishing attacks.

WebAuthn, a biometric verification standard, is at the core of Chrome’s new autofill feature. This standard is at the core of the feature that makes it possible to login to some of Google’s services without a password.

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The new autofill feature has begun to meet Google Chrome users on Windows and Mac. The feature will be available in Chrome’s Android app shortly.


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