Chrome app for Android gets page preview feature


Google launched, last Wednesday (10), an update for the Chrome application, on Android, which allows users to preview the pages. The feature allows the user to have a glimpse of the website without having to create another tab first.

To use the tool, just click and hold on a hyperlinked location. The app will open a window with options such as “open in anonymous tab”, “copy link address” and “share link”. The site can be viewed by clicking on “view page”.

In the top bar it is possible, for example, to close the content by dragging it down or by clicking on the “x” on the right side. If the user wants to open the link completely in another tab, he can click on the square with an arrow diagonally.

According to the 9to5Google website, Google has been working on this feature for over two years. Browsers like Safari and Edge already offer something similar on iOS.

This was a small addition to a major update that has been made to the smartphone version of Chrome. In February, the software gained a new interface and a guide grouping system.


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