Chrome 87 is rolling out with consumption improvements


Google launched on Tuesday (17) Chrome 87, the last major update of the browser for 2020. The version comes faster with the opening of the tabs, security fixes and improvements in terms of energy consumption and processing, among other news .

Available for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, Android and iOS, Chrome version 87 starts up to 25% faster and loads pages at 7% faster speed, according to the Mountain View giant, using less RAM and energy than before.

These improvements have to do with prioritizing active tabs, preventing the background tabs from consuming resources excessively. The function reduces CPU usage by up to five times and can extend battery life by 1.25 hours, according to information released by the company.

The back and forward buttons have also undergone modifications, incorporating a smarter cache that allows instantaneous opening of recently visited pages. The browser will also add a search tool for open tabs, more shortcuts to access settings through the address bar, new PDF viewer and corrections to block NAT Slipstream attacks.

More news

The developer tools also feature changes in the latest version of Google’s browser. The new cookie storage API is supported, features to modify web fonts via CSS more easily, and support for camera controls in video calls, among other news.

It is also worth mentioning the removal of FTP link support for half of the browser’s user base, following plans to suspend the use of these files (the complete deactivation should happen in January).

The Chrome 87 update is being rolled out gradually to the user base and is expected to be released to everyone over the next few weeks. Some features will arrive on Chromebooks first, becoming available on other platforms later.


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