Christmas Lottery 2020: how to create


20 euros is 20 euros, and even more so in the current situation that we live with the economy so damaged by the Coronavirus crisis. That is why many families have decided to buy a tenth of the 2020 Christmas Lottery among several and distribute what they touch. You buy the tenth in a shared way, something you can do online.

How to search for a specific number of the Christmas Lottery 2020 on the Internet

Although there is also another option such as Participations, an alternative widely used in business, associations and groups of friends. In itself, it is about sharing a legal tenth through a series of participations or ballots not issued by the organizer of the draw, and if that tenth is touched, everyone who has bought a participation will win a part of the prize.

Create Lottery Entries

It must be borne in mind that the participation ballot itself is not issued by a regular Lottery distributor, so it does not give the right to collect anything, but it is the person who has the awarded tenth who must collect it and act as payer for those who bought the ballots. Whoever owns the receipt or the tenth awardee can go and collect the prize.

Therefore, an effective way to avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings is to get everything in writing. As recommended by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), photocopies of the front and back of the lottery ticket or ticket that is shared should be made.

Each participant should keep a signed copy that specifies who participates, who guards the receipt (name and ID), which receipts or tickets are shared and in which draws are played. It is important to specify the data that makes the tickets or tickets unique and the amount with which each member has played. These are all the data that a receipt or tenth should include:

The game – if it is La Primitiva, Euromillions, Bonoloto, or in this case Christmas Lottery
Selected numbers or number of the tenth
Number assigned for Reimbursement (if applicable)
Date (s) of participation
Number of bets
Amount of the bet made
Control numbers
Date of Expiry

Indicate that the division has been authorized by the State Lottery and Betting agency and include the date of said authorization.
Indicate which prizes are subject to tax according to current law.
Indicate the bank where the tickets have been deposited.
In the case of sharing a tenth, it is essential to specify the number, the series, the fraction, and all the relevant data that a tenth contains in order to identify it correctly, whether it is done physically or online. And it is that current technology has led to the possibility of playing a participation in a raffle like Christmas through the Internet, and even sharing it on WhatsApp.


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