Christmas Lottery 2020: how to buy tickets online


In 2 weeks the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2020 will be held, and you still have time to buy a ticket and aspire to a part of the 2,408 million euros that will be put into play. But in some administrations you have to wait in line -especially if you have already played the Gordo previously-, and we are fully restricted by the Coronavirus, and we must also respect security measures.

What to do then? It is the 21st century, we can do it (almost) everything from the mobile, why not buy lottery online? Well yes, this is how you can, both for the Christmas raffle and for anyone:

Buying a tenth through the lottery website

Each National Lottery purchase consists of the acquisition of one or more tenths of a five-digit number that participates in a draw with previously established prizes and available numbers. In the National Lottery, 70% of the proceeds are allocated to prizes. To participate you only have to enter this link.

The price of each tenth is variable according to the draw, and you can choose the desired number or allow the system to choose it for you (random tenth). In the first case, it could happen that this number is not available for online sale. If you have selected any random numbers, remember that the following combinations of random and manual numbers are allowed:


The best-known app of all could not be missing in this list of apps and websites to buy Christmas Lottery. You simply need to become a user, indicate the bank account where your prize will go if it is your turn and buy your tickets. It has an encryption system to protect the data of whoever uses it, that way no one other than you can claim your prize. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and on its website.

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