Christmas Eve and tricks to extend your phone’s battery


If in itself we usually look at the mobile an average of 85 – 150 times in a normal day, in these holidays that are practically upon us, surely the glimpses and the use will multiply without a doubt. And it is that since Christmas Eve, between taking photos with the family, making videos, of course photographing each plate of food on the table, the Christmas tree, etc., the battery of our smartphone is going to shake.

That is why we bring you a series of tips and the odd app to help you extend the useful life of the gadget that you will use the most.

Reduce the standby screen

One of the options that we can customize on a mobile is the time it remains on hold before the screen dims and turns off. As we have said, we usually look at the mobile between 85 and 150 times a day, sometimes simply to check the time if we do not have messages or notifications, and we put it back on the table. This means the same number of times that we turn on the screen.

But if instead of having it programmed to turn off every minute or five minutes we reduce that frequency to between 10-20 seconds, the amount of time that the mobile will remain with the screen off will be greater and therefore it will consume less and more battery time we will have.

Dark themes

Those animated themes and wallpapers with Christmas motifs that make it snow on the screen are very cool, but if your mobile has an AMOLED screen, the clearer and / or white the desktop theme we are using, the more battery it will spend. The darker the themes, the less battery it will consume.

This is because AMOLED displays show the black tones by simply turning off the light behind those pixels, so if the whole subject is light with no dark parts, the more work the screen will have. Placing a completely black background is a small guarantee so that the battery charge does not drain so quickly. Ok, it is not so pretty but it is very practical.

Facebook Web Best

We know how much Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications are used, especially at an event, so we want to share with all users and contacts. But the amount of data and therefore battery that these two apps consume on a mobile phone is absurdly huge and disproportionate. A trick to not run out of FB and at the same time give the battery a little more life is to use the mobile version of Facebook within a browser. To do this, you just have to create a direct icon on the desktop with which to access FB on your mobile site, which also has messenger.

Off Vibration

You are with the family and sitting at the table, what do you need the vibration for? Unless due to force majeure (someone is going to be operated on, a job notice) you must be glued to your mobile, if you have a high ringtone / notifications, you already have plenty, even more so if you have it on the table . It removes the vibration so that the mobile has to work less and therefore requires less energy.

Dark mode

If your mobile and / or the operating system that it carries allow it, you can activate the dark mode or Dark Mode even if you are going to use it. You are not only doing your eyes a favor, but also the terminal’s battery. There are also apps like Twitter that allow you to activate it.

WiFi and Sync OFF

Yes, we have dared to suggest the same thing, that you remove the WiFi and also the 4G. The normal thing is that during dinner everything is photos, messages, videos and upload them to social networks. But if you are not going to use the Internet or any social network at that time, only the camera, then remove the WiFi and also the Synchronize function – so you are also calmer – so that the mobile does not have as much consumption. The same with Bluetooth, since if you use a smartwatch and you are not going to be aware of notifications, removing Bluetooth will save a lot of energy on both the mobile and your watch.


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