‘Christmas at home’ is back on the platform this Christmas


‘Christmas at home’ is the refreshing Netflix series that is back to spend the best time of this year at home

Netflix’s drama ‘Homemade Christmas’ is back with a second season to help address the social pressures single people face during the holidays.

There are many TV series and movies to help single people feel a little more seen, understood, and calm right now. Take Anna Kendrick’s Love Life on BBC iPlayer, an relatable series that tracks the ups and downs of a woman’s relationships throughout her life.

Then there’s Someone Great, a Netflix movie that examines the reality of how we cope when a relationship ends and why it’s the best time to reconnect with the world.

Whether you don’t want a partner right now or are looking for a relationship, being single at Christmas is undeniably harder than usual this year. Many single people are trapped at home due to the restrictions of the current pandemic.

If you still don’t know what series we are talking about, Somagnews brings you a small synopsis of this spectacular Christmas series so that you can enjoy it from the beginning of the Christmas Eve until the arrival of Christmas at home.

Home For Christamas Season 1 Synopsis

The first season of ‘Homemade Christmas’ landed on the streaming platform last year. He introduced us to Johanne, a successful 30-year-old nurse in Norway who is once again sitting with her little nephews at the end of the family table before Christmas because she is the only single adult there.

After family members asked her about her ex-boyfriend three years ago and assured her that she would soon “find someone”, Johanne finally laughs and tells her family a lie: she has a boyfriend. What follows is a six-part series on Johanne’s mission to find a boyfriend to accompany her to the family meal on Christmas Day.


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