Christmas 2020: how to limit contamination with loved ones


As you know, the French are allowed to celebrate Christmas 2020 with their families. But how to limit contamination with those close to them?

Christmas 2020 is an exception to the curfew rule. The French can thus get together as a family, but still have to adapt their behavior and actions to the situation.

Last December 10, Jean Castex finally announced good news. Christmas could well be spent with the family this year.

“Christmas occupies a special place in our lives and in our traditions. It is a family gathering where all generations can come together.

Children, parents and grandparents. A moment when the first memories of the little ones are forged. We therefore authorize travel for this evening of December 24. ”

But how to adapt this holiday to the current health crisis? Rest assured, there are ways to deal with it.

The High Council of Public Health has thus made the list of good actions to adopt.


For this exceptional Christmas, the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon therefore recommends respecting all of the following instructions.

First, you have to adapt the seating plan. Each person should be at a suitable distance from others and even more so if they present risks.

Of course, you should not share your cutlery and assign the service to one person in order to avoid touching all the dishes.

Whenever possible, eat outside, or open the windows regularly to ventilate the room.

As for the mask, it is better to wear it, except for eating of course. Finally, the opening of gifts must also comply with the rules in place.

Here ! You now have all the keys to adapt to this unforgettable Christmas 2020.


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