Christine Quinn Fears She Will Be Sued After “Call Her Daddy”: Salary for “Sunset Sale,” Editing Revelations


Giving people a peek behind the scenes? Kristin Quinn may be planning to return for the 6th season of “Sale Sunset“, but not before revealing all the secrets of the first five seasons.

“We come on stage and they want everything to be — I can’t even pronounce this word without laughing—organic,” the 33-year-old Netflix star said on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” on Wednesday, May 18. “They literally distance us from each other. Chelsea [Lascani] and I are best friends, Vanessa [Villela] and I are best friends. So we come to the set, and they take us to different rooms, and then wait until we’re ready to shoot, and send us inside. Kristin just said that about you in the previous scene,” and they’ll come to me [and say], “Chelsea said that about you [in] the previous scenes.” So they created these scenarios that intentionally evoke our emotions. But I’ve been doing the show for four years now. I have five seasons, so I know how it works.”

Kristin told host Alex Cooper that she and the cast of “Sunset Sales”, which also includes Krischel Stause, Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Ray El Moussa (nee Young), Emma Hernan, Davina Potrats and Maya Vander, filmed seasons 4 and 5 of the series. a Netflix series for one month.

“We’re shooting them one by one, so it’s a very, very, very quick turnaround,” she said, adding that viewers may not realize “how difficult it is to shoot the show” because of continuity issues.

The author of “How to Become a Boss, bitch” continued to state how the show is arranged.

“I was in the office. There are six full-time storyboarders. What they do is write storylines, and depending on how things change in [the] real world in our lives, they can sort of rotate storylines,” she said. “But we have six full-time storyboarders who create narratives.”

“When you watch the show, you have to understand that we follow so many characters and so many different people, so we can only show a certain number of things, but I have different sides,” she said. “Besides being funny and maybe a screamer, I also have a vulnerable side, and I’m just like everyone else. I am a human being, and I have a heart, and things hurt me. And even relationships with girls, I wish we were all friends, but that’s what it is. What you see on TV is just a small fragment of my life and what I put into working behind the scenes, and everything that brought me here. So I hope that people will read the book and understand where I’m from.”

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Who gets paid the most for the “sunset sale”?

According to Kristin, she gets the biggest salary from the production.

“After that, I will be sued. I do not care. You can’t afford my lawyers. …There are three different levels,” she said when asked about the salary. “I get paid the most. Jason too… My entertainment lawyer, you know, basically [said] that’s my value, and I think it’s all about recognizing your value.”

Kristin added that she tried to “team up” with her co-stars in the film to negotiate together, but they weren’t interested.

“When we entered the show, we all had separate lawyers. Most of the cast is represented by one lawyer, but obviously I had to find my own entertainment lawyer and do my own thing,” she told Us. “We were told that there are levels. I was the one who approached the entire cast and said: “Look, if we need to pay as much as I think we all deserve in general — because we are all equal — we need to unite and be on the same wavelength.” But it didn’t work, and some people were eager to sign their contracts right away, which immediately transferred them to another group.”

Unedited scene with Heather

During the interview, Kristin showed an excerpt from an allegedly edited scene with her and Heather from season 5, which was allegedly included in press releases. In the video, it turned out that Heather was dubbed to say, “You said the comments that Chrissie slept with Jason when she was still married, and you know that’s nonsense.” Then Christina replied, “Oh, my God, it’s fun, I said that.”

“Heather didn’t even mention it on stage,” Kristin said. She then included a clip that was eventually shown on Netflix in which Heather said: “You said he always had good taste in women, but I think that’s not true.” Kristina’s response—”Oh my God, it’s fun, I said it”—was a response to this quote.

Kristin concluded: “You see two scenes, and the first scene they were going to send out to the whole world accused me of confirming infidelity, which was duplicated by the production. Heather never told me that.