Christina Perry is pregnant with a baby girl a year after stillbirth: “Rosie sent Carmella a little sister”


Christina Perry is pregnant! The singer “A thousand years” shared with fans the announcement of pregnancy and sex in a touching video.

“Rosie sent Carmella a little sister, and we are very excited,” the 35—year-old “Banks of Hearts” artist wrote on Instagram on Monday, May 23. “We had all the feelings, but basically every day we tried to choose joy.”

Perry’s joyful announcement begins with the camera moving along a brick path strewn with pale pink roses and reaching a box on the porch tied to a pink balloon. The singer-songwriter’s four-year-old daughter Carmella, whom she shares with her husband Paul Costabile, runs out the door in a rainbow tutu, excitedly unwraps a gift and pulls out ultrasound photos, smiling broadly.

“It’s in my stomach!” Perry gasps excitedly as Carmella throws pink confetti into the air, and 34-year-old Costabile smiles and puts his hand on his wife’s stomach.

The announcement of the singer’s pregnancy was made two and a half years after a miscarriage in January 2020 and a year and a half after she suffered a devastating pregnancy loss in November 2020 when her second daughter Rosie was stillborn.

“Last night we lost our baby girl,” Perry wrote on Instagram in November of that year, posting a photo of her and her husband holding the baby’s hand. “She was born silent after fighting so hard to get into our world. Now she is calm and will forever remain in our hearts.”

Eight months later, the singer of “Mama” openly told about the loss of her child.

“When we lost our daughter last November, I thought I would never be okay again. I thought I would never laugh again, or play, or dance again, or love again… and for many months I didn’t do it,” she wrote in her Instagram stories in July 2021. “But then I started trying to heal and learn to live. with pain and grief next to love and joy. How to find even the smallest goal in our tragedy and find something to learn, what to grow and where to grow.”

Perry released a cover album of lullabies Songs for Rosie in November 2021 in honor of her late daughter.

“I’ve already chosen these songs, but they all took on different meanings [after losing Rosie],” the Pennsylvania native, who had previously released an album of lullabies for Carmella, explained at the time.

While it was difficult to share the news of her baby’s stillbirth, Perry told the publication that the outpouring of support and messages from fans who also experienced such a loss helped her heal.

“It’s like I opened the door and so many people jumped in,” she said. “It’s heartbreaking, but it’s unifying when we all talk about our own healing.”