Christina Milian reveals the face of her sweet son Isaiah!


In the story of her Instagram account, Christina Milian has just revealed the face of her son Isaiah for the first time.

For the first time since her birth, Christina Milian reveals the face of her baby boy, Isaiah. The actress never wanted to expose it on the web.

Incredible but true ! Since Isaiah’s birth, Christina Milian and her companion have been careful not to show her face. The couple refuse to expose their baby boy on social media. They both want to protect him from their fame.

Thus, the actress and M Pokora always try to photograph him without showing his pretty face. In all the photos, the toddler appears from behind. Or, his face is simply cropped from the cliché. The important thing is that no one can recognize him.

But after months of reflection, Christina Milian has just broken her own rule. And for good reason, the young woman has just given in to the request of her subscribers: she has finally revealed the face of her little boy to them. And beware, he is really too cute!


So in the story of his Instagram account, we see the little boy in profile. This one is on the knees of his mother Christina Milian, in a swimsuit. He himself is not dressed. But where are they? Behind them, one can notice palm trees. Are they at the beach?

In any case, Isaiah seems to have what to do with the landscape. Indeed, the boutchou is more concerned with the steering wheel which is just in front of him. Yep, it looks like mom and son are driving a little golf cart. And he already wants to take control!

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The Covid-19 pandemic is once again overwhelming the country. So, did Christina Milian flee the United States to bask the pill in the sun with her son? Either way, the new mom is having a blast. And to believe the images, Isaiah too!


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