Christina Milian reveals her sparkly surgical mask!


In the feed of her Instagram account, actress Christina Milian reveals her pretty surgical mask. It has a very surprising peculiarity.

With a luminous mask, actress Christina Milian surprises everyone. Very proud, she posted it on Instagram.

On a daily basis, Christina Milian is full of imagination. Indeed, the romantic film actress can’t help but let her creative spirit speak for itself. But this time, Madison Violet and Isaiah’s mom amazes everyone!

Indeed, the companion of M Pokora – to whom she is not married – reveals a funny surgical mask. She also wants to protect herself from Covid-19, but in the prettiest way possible …

And for good reason, the pretty brunette wears a luminous surgical mask. No, you’re not dreaming. The fabric she wears on her face lights up. And in several colors, too! In any case, Christina Milian seems very proud.

“Although traditions may look a little different this year. The funny @autotrader_com and @kbb_com take out these masks are really festive. Also, the matching steering wheel covers to keep the season sparkling, “she captioned.

Then, little Isaiah’s mom adds: “This mask is so cute: it not only looks like an ugly party sweater, but it even lights up. So if her subscribers would like to have the same, the pretty brunette has thought of everything!


Indeed, Christina Milian considers her subscribers as her family. So, it is with her heart on her hands that she offers them to win a luminous mask. “You can win yours on the Holiday In site,” she recalls.

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In fact, Christina Milian takes the opportunity to do prevention. “You can also take advice from their experts on how to travel safely throughout the season. ”

And of course, the bomb takes the opportunity to question his fans. What do you like best about the holidays? she asks. One of my favorite things about vacations is traveling to see loved ones! 🚗☃️ “


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