Christina Milian plays Marie Kondo with her sisters!


Christina Milian and her sisters play Marie Kondo on Instagram! Should the actress keep or give away her old clothes?

Christina Milian no longer knows what to do with all the clothes that are piled up in her wardrobe … With her sisters, she decides to act as Marie Kondo, the very famous Japanese essayist, would do.

Very active on social networks, Christina Milian reveals everything about her lively daily life. With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored.

Between photo shoots, new announcements, or even little moments with her family, there is plenty to do!

Thus, more than 6 million people follow the crazy adventures of the famous actress and singer every day on Instagram. Yes, you did hear!

And to the delight of the latter, she has just unveiled a new unpublished video with her 2 sisters.

With their invaluable help, Christina Milian tackles her busy wardrobe!


Big fan of fashion and beautiful clothes, Christina Milian accumulates them in her closets. But problem … She has no more room!

The social media star then decides to take inspiration from the very famous Japanese essayist Marie Kondo to sort it out. What a good idea !

In the video available on Instagram, we see her 2 sisters giving their opinion on the different clothes she presents. And it seems rather effective …

Throw away or give away, so there is no other choice! Christina Milian thus hopes to get rid of everything she no longer wears.

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We let you take a look at the innovative video of the social media star. And don’t hesitate to do like her!


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